Raise Monarch Migration Butterflies

Join  Monarch Enthusiasts throughout North America In Raising Butterflies for the
Great Fall Migration — While Discovering ‘The Easy Way’ To Raise Monarchs

Amazing Raise 1- Join North America in Raising Monarch butterflies to release for the fall monarch migration. Help save monarch butterflies for future generations.

Give Monarchs A Raising Hand

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In 2013, the record-low population of monarch butterflies needs your help to survive more than ever. Here’s how you can help
raise the struggling monarch population now…

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  1. Dear Tony,

    I live in St. Petersburg Florida and I am very interested in starting a butterfly garden. I also want to help save the Monarch Migration, but I need to know if I am in an ideal place to start this?

    Thank you

    • Hi Lisa, there is a year round population of monarchs that exists in South and Central Florida…however some of the butterflies in your region are probably more adventurous in journeying both north and south. Some of these butterflies could migrate OR mate with other butterflies producing children/grandchildren that will! While you might not be in a prime region for migration monarchs, you can most definitely have a positive effect on the monarch migration.

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